RD120-6W BeiDou RDSS short message communication board

Function Description

RD120-6W BeiDou RDSS short message communication board is designed on the basis of BeiDou Rf chip and baseband chip independently developed by OLinkStar. It’s mainly composed by high-power amplifier, Rf chip and baseband chip and other parts. BeiDou communication board can meet the needs of the users positioning and communication both on land and sea. Its advantages are: small size, low power consumption and high reliability.

Factories producing BeiDou users’machine for military use and civil use both can bring out competitive BeiDou users’ machine fast based on our board. It can be widely used in satellite navigation, car navigation, marine fishery, UVA and aerological sounding and other fields which are compatible with BeiDou.


  ◆car monitoring, shipping monitoring, logistics monitoring

  ◆hydrological detection, tsunami detection, emergency rescue

  ◆sea buoy, torpedo, unattended station monitoring

  ◆forest fire warning, border early warning

Technology Index

1. Receiving part

Receiving carrier frequency: S

Receiving threshold power: -127.6dBm

Receiving error rate:≤1.0 x 10–5

2. Transmitting part

Transmitting carrier frequency: L

Power amplifier:≥6W

Modulation phase error:<3°

Transmitting vibration phase noise: -65dBc/Hz @ 100Hz

-75dBc/Hz @ 1KHz

-85dBc/Hz @ 10KHz

-95dBc/Hz @ 100KHz

Carrier suppression:>30dB

3. Consumption

Stand-by power consumption ≤2.5W

Transmitting consumption ≤30W

4. Power Supply: 12~18V/3A (peak value)

5. Interfaces

Data power port: 6-pin SIL,2.0mm interval

Serial port: RS232;

Baud rate: 115200

Rf interface:MCX(transmitting, receiving)

VSWR(50Ω):≤1.5(transmitting, receiving)

6. RDSS performance

Positioning Accuracy:20m

Signal acquisition:≤2s

Signal reacquisition:≤1s

Communication capability: with no more than 120 Chinese words in every short message(decided by the level of SIM card)

Communication, positioning success rate:≥98%

Appearance:conductive oxidation

7. Environment requirements

Work temperature:-40℃~+65℃

Storage temperature:-40℃~+80℃

Impulse:half sine wave pulse, peak acceleration is 6g,pulse duration is 11ms, the interval time between two pulses is over 60ms.

Vibration: sine sweep vibration, scanning round with a period of 5Hz~200Hz~5Hz,among them: between 5Hz~6.12Hz,constant displacement is 20mm(peak-peak),between 6.12Hz~200Hz,constant acceleration is 1.5g,scanning speed is 0.8870ct/min,common scanning 30min.


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