NS150BG BD/GPS Experimental Platform


NS150BG, the experimental platform provides an open environment for students, so that students in real equipment, under real satellite signal environment, personally conduct experiments and programs to understand the principle of BD/GPS measurement error, signal transmission error, satellite orbit calculation, the meaning of DOP and so on.. Through these experiments, students can understand core algorithm and BD/GPS navigation Solution process.

System components

  ◆Have BD and GPS active omni-directional antenna;

  ◆LCD for displaying BD/GPS time;

  ◆LED to show status of BD/GPS satellites;

  ◆BD/GPS base band board;

  ◆BD/GPS data collecting software;

  ◆Real-time satellite orbit calculation software;

  ◆Ionosphere, troposphere and relativity error calculation software;

  ◆DOP calculation software;

  ◆Satellite position calculation software;

  ◆Receiver position, velocity and time solution software.
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