LX100 BeiDou navigation communication roof box

LX100 BD navigation communication roof box – land vehicle tracking, remote location data collection, position report.

As the result of integrated design, X100 BD user machine integrates the BD RDSS two-way short message communication and BD/GPS dual system positioning modules, and the corresponding transmitting/receiving antenna, realizes BD/GPS combined positioning, speed measuring, timing service, two-way short message communication, and other functionalities. The product supports continuous navigation worldwide, communication with Asia-Pacific coverage involving China and surrounding areas, and resultant remote data acquisition, distant location monitoring, remote command transmission. Features aforementioned make this device suitable for military command, logistics, emergency rescue and disaster relief, emergency communications, fishery, transportation, forest fire prevention, hydrology, meteorology, geology, etc. Products can be installed on a fixed or mobile platform, used independently or coupled with BD information display terminal.

The main function

  ◆BD/GPS dual system orientation, speed measuring, timing service

  ◆BD RDSS short message editing, sending and receiving

  ◆Bluetooth communication function (optional)


  ◆Host 1

  ◆Data/power cable 1

  ◆RDSS card (option)

Product features

  ◆Integrated design

  ◆Wide range of applications

  ◆Magnetic chuck or mounting hole fixed

  ◆Simplified interface and high reliability

  ◆Waterproof design

  ◆Adapted to harsh environment

Technical indexes

  ◆Short message communication capacity: 70 ~ 120 Chinese characters per transmission, dependant on the level of SIM card in use

  ◆Communication modes: point to point, multi-point to point

  ◆BD positioning: 10 meters horizontal accuracy, 15 meters vertical accuracy

  ◆BD/GPS joint positioning: 3 ~ 5 meters horizontal accuracy, 10 meters vertical accuracy

  ◆Speed precision: 0.2 meters/seconds

  ◆Data interface mode: RS232, bluetooth (optional)

  ◆Size: less than 128 mm in diameter and 83 mm in height

  ◆Weight: 1 kg or less

  ◆Power supply: 9 ~ 32 VDC

  ◆Working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃

  ◆Storage temperature: - 55 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃

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