AG-II-BG BD/GPS receiver OEM board

AG-II, a high dynamic receiver developed by OLinkStar with the OTrack-32 chip, can support 32 channels satellite signal BD and GPS received synchronously, and determines the user in motion the real-time three-dimensional position, velocity, and precise time. this receiver with short cold start time, quickly output rate and pre-installed ephemeris.

AG-II has cold start time short, output rate quickly, with pre-installed ephemeris function. This product from key chips, hardware circuit, software all realize the localization, and through the strict test.

Key Features

  ◆Strong signal sensitivity

  ◆Support multiple frequency, Galileo upgrades, a variety of upgrades configuration beyond the mainstream high-end products

  ◆Fully independent intellectual property rights

  ◆From baseband chip to navigation algorithm depend on the fully independent research and development, technical support, product maintenance, software upgrades, non-standard custom, which all of them are guaranteed;

  Small size, low power, reliable performance, suitable for all kinds of carrier, such as static, high speed movement, the high speed rotating and so on.

  ◆Suitable for high impact, strong vibration and other severe environment.


  ◆Aviation, aerospace, Marine and other professional field applications.

  ◆Transportation, meteorology, mining applications.

  ◆Electricity, communication, LAN service applications


Signal and channel Index

Receiving Signal

Beidou B1GPS L1


Dual 32 channels

Positioning update rate

1Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz,50Hz

Accuracy Index

Positioning Accuracy

Horizontal Positioning Accuracy


Pseudo- differential Accuracy


Velocity Accuracy

0.1 m/s(RMS)

1PPS Output


Time Index

Signal Reacquisition


Hot start time


Warm start time


Cold start time


Output Contents

PVT Output


(NMEA0183 V3.0 and binary format)

Raw Data Output


GPS Pseudorange,GPS Navigation Message

Beidou Pseudorange,Beidou Navigation Message

Carrier phase, doppler

Second Pulse Output


Input and Output Interface

Output Interface

2 x RS232

2 x R422

Status Indicator


Antenna Interface


Digit Interface

14pin dual-in-line

Electrical Specification

Operating Voitage

5VDC ± 10%

Power Consumption

1 W

Physical Specification

Operating Temperature

-40°C- +85°C

Storage Temperature

-55°C- +85°C




40g(with shieldingcase)

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