LX910 Commanding BeiDou user machine

LX910 commanding BD user machine - point to multi-point BD two-way communication.

The commanding BD user machine enables the higher command authority to direct, monitor and control its inferiors through BD satellite-based navigation system. It has not only the complete functionality of ordinary user machine, but also can monitor subordinate user machines’ positioning and communication, and send them command and control information . The commanding BD user machine is adapted to the fixed or mobile command post, shelter, etc.

Product features 

  Great convenience and high reliability through a coaxial cable connection between antenna and host

Technical indexes

  Receiving signal bit error rate: 1 x 1 0-5 (input signal power at antenna ≥ -157.6DBW)

  Effective Isotropic Radiated Power: 19 dBW (azimuth Angle 0 ° ~ 360 ° ~ 75 ° elevation Angle 10)

  Receiving satellite channel: six

  Equipment zero value: 1 ms ± 10 ns

  Command capacity: can also monitor the subordinate user number 100 or less

  Host volume: acuities 317 mm * 269 mm × 54 mm; 1 u standard case

  Overall weight: acuities were 6.5 Kg (excluding laptop computers and accessory cable)

  Antenna cable length: 20 meters or less

  Antenna cable weight: 3.5 Kg

  Dc voltage scope of work: 9 ~ 32 v

  Standby power consumption: 12 w

  Ac voltage scope of work: 220 + 10% VAC, 50-10% Hz

  Battery configuration: lithium battery, endurance of no less than four hours

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