AG12A GPS Receiver

AG12A is Embedded NavCore-S solo system chip and enable to switch different mode, that is specifically designed by OLinkStar. It supports 32 channels satellite signal received synchronously, and determines the user in motion the real-time three-dimensional position, velocity, and precise time.

AG-12A is designed of integrate software and hardware of Radio frequency, baseband and navigation algorithm, with high dynamic, high reliable and operation stable characteristics. At the same time this receiver with short cold start time, quickly output rate and pre-installed ephemeris. AG-12A is specially developed for low cost, low power and high reliable application, which ensure the high performance in the severe environment all the time, that be tested and verified in Aviation, voyage working conditions, suitable for the positioning utilization of different carrier and seamless transition into the beidou satellite navigation system
Key Features

  ◆Short time positioning, cold start:35s.

  ◆Support up to 20 times per second positioning.

  ◆Standard NMEA0183 and binary information output capability.

  ◆Wide range working temperatures that enable meet the industrial requirements.

  ◆Small size, low power, reliable performance, suitable for all kinds of carrier, such as static, high speed movement, the high speed rotating and so on.

  ◆Be capable of working in the severe environment.

  ◆To replace Jupiter receiver completed.


  ◆Aviation, aerospace, Marine and other professional field applications.

  ◆Transportation, meteorology, mining applications.

  ◆Emergency and rescue applications

  ◆Electricity, communication, LAN service applications
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